[VIDEO] Biden Appears to Panic and Call People On Stage When He’s Unable to Find His Way Off

This is why am so angry at Americans!! This man is incompetent and was never elected! but for some reason, we leave him in office and let him destroy our economy, our borders, the American way of life, and the reputation this country had! Now America waits and let an illegitimate president destroy this country! By 2024 there will be no AMERICA LEFT AND WE ONLY HAVE OUR SELVES TO BLAME BC WE LET HIM DO IT!

#BidenInflation #BidenIsNotThePresident #BidenIsALaughingstock
#BidenFailure #BidenHasDementia #RemoveBidenNow


LOL! White House Runs Damage Control After Marjorie Taylor Greene Hammers Joe Biden On “MAGA Republicans” Statement [VIDEO]

“I don’t respect you for leaving our border wide open, allowing an invasion & deadly drugs in daily. Arming the Taliban, wrecking our economy, killing our energy independence, & supporting killing the unborn & genital mutilation of children. Go to hell, Joe.”

#BidenPedfophile #BidenFailure #BidenPedophile


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