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2 days ago
We will be opening up sign up for the site once again, however, it will require a code sent via email. We will still be filtering out bots by checking accounts and mumbls which are being posted. Please also help us by reporting accounts that are displaying spam behaviors.
David Houston
1 month ago
It is sad that we have tolerated this, for this long
Pharos Project
8 months ago
Alex Jones
9 months ago
Update: Biden Classified Docs Kept Near Corvette — At House Owned by Hunter? https://www.infowars.com/p...
Fox News
9 months ago
Emails suggest Hunter Biden had access to garage where president kept classified docs, Corvette https://www.foxnews.com/po...
One America News
9 months ago
Biden Documents Part 3: Confidential Corvette https://www.oann.com/newsr...
David Menke
9 months ago
Third batch of classified Biden documents found in his home garage near his Corvette. Content of those documents: Ukraine, Iran, and China.
kenneth adair
9 months ago
Alex Jones
12 months ago
Biden Torched Over Tone Deaf Corvette Tweet

Alex Jones
12 months ago
Biden Torched Over Tone Deaf Corvette Tweet https://www.infowars.com/p...
Twisted Eagle
12 months ago
The new Ukrainian corvette Hetman Ivan Mazepa was launched in Turkey.
Roger Anghis
2 yr. ago
Taiwan Launches New Homemade ‘Carrier-killer’ Catamaran Warship Aimed at CCP China
In its bid to build a more robust indigenous defense capability against mainland China’s growing military threats, on Thursday Taiwan commissioned the first of a new batch of domestically manufactured warships designed specifically to be ‘carrier-killers.’ The fast corvette warships are equipped with stealth technology and a lower profile for a reduced radar signature.
According to Newsweek, it is also “the first warship in the Taiwanese navy to carry ship-launched variants of [National Chung-Shan Institute of

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