Alexander Rogge
5 months ago
Pharos Project
1 yr. ago
Alex Jones
1 yr. ago
NASA Releases Update on ‘Asteroid Deflection’ Technology https://www.infowars.com/p...
Heidi Parker
2 yr. ago
For decades the Deepstate strategy has been to bet on both sides against the middle. They did this by funding candidates on BOTH sides of the isle to create the illusion of a struggle they could control (somewhat) to fool the American middle class.
The Art of War includes luring your opponent by mirroring your opponents strategy...and STINGING THE HELL OUT OF THEM. This involves moves and countermoves that make no sense. It involves lots of deception for the right reasons to create uncertainty and paranoia in your opponents so they make moves based on deflection.
All of this requires faith on our part. Faith in what we know, the history of these players that come and go in their various roles. Hold the line. Keep the faith. Things are heating up and huge shifts for the better are coming.
The only alternative is to give in to despair and we were NOT put here on earth at this historic time to fail. Have faith in God to move mountains and people of good will, just like you, who have
Ant Crow
2 yr. ago
I held a high security clearance in Vietnam. It was for the job I had to do aboard a rather threatening, nuclear capable and armed ship. The job was Electronic Warfare. When I finished my service after two tours of combat over there I had a lot of knowledge concerning what was going on over here.

I've known about communist infiltration of our colleges since that time. This is the threat we face as communism is globalism and Nazism combined. Hence the deflection using Trump as a so-called Russian asset. It is all smoke and mirrors and all goes right back to Eastern Europe and the Soviet Block. It has morphed in name and function but it is the very same it has always been. Diabolical. You can bet China is directly involved also but at the time I was made aware China was still agrarian.
Fox News
2 yr. ago
Pence calls Biden’s ‘MAGA crowd’ extremism charge a ‘desperate’ deflection by admin ‘grasping for straws’ https://www.foxnews.com/po...

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