Watch – Rep. MTG Cuts to the Chase: ‘Democrats Want Republicans Dead’

Fox News confronts Democrats in Washington about the border crisis: 'They own it now'

In Another Blow to Democrats – 69% of American Voters Oppose Child Porn Books in School Libraries

Liberal politicians forcing transgender BS on regular STUDENTS, and now many parents around the country were shocked last year when they became aware of the ILLEGAL PORN BOOKS IN THEIR CHILDREN'S SCHOOLS and illegal porn books their local schools are pushing on kids in the student libraries.

I thought, “How could school administrators allow such filth to be allowed in a public school library?”. It’s not like the title of the book is innocuous and wouldn’t lead any normal person to question the context…


Winning: Democrats pissed off at Biden's lack of leadership

Sheriff Mark Lamb said claims made by Democrats that the U.S. border is secure are “gaslighting the American people” because “[the] border has never been more unsecured”.
"Cartels stepping up smuggling, trafficking" over concern Republicans will take over Congress

Democrats losing Latino, Hispanic voters

Democrats' deadly political violence

Democrats make Oregon more dangerous

My fellow Americans, DO we want to make America GREAT again? HELL YES!!

I truly suggest everyone vote straight “REPUBLICAN/GOP” on November 8th! This is the only way we will rid our government of these anti-American SOBs, the Socialists(Democrats), who have NO MORALS or ETHICS! They state nothing but LIES to us, the American people, every time they open their mouths!

Also, our next “CIVIL WAR” will NOT be between the North and South! It will be us “REAL” Americans, totally against these scumbag LIAR Socialists(Democrats), who have NO MORALS or ETHICS!

In response Twisted Eagle to his Mumbl

Here is the mess despicable retard President Biden is doing NOW. He will use these illegals to replace Trump Voters. He will take away our rights for these non citizens to put the Communist Democrats in power to rule with tyranny.

Democrats don't want to campaign with Biden

YouTube Demonitizes Video Compilation of Democrats Denying 2016 Election Results, Reinstates Day Later

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