Arsenal and Spurs eye statement win, but home advantage counts

Premier League without VAR: Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea slump

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Chelsea's persistence pays off as WSL champions get first win of season

Why Walsh's world-record transfer should never be compared to Neymar's

North Korea inspects air-raid shelters as tensions rise with the United States.
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Why Premier League's success goes deeper than star power, competitiveness or upsets

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English Channel Crossings Shatter 30,000 Mark for Year

Video: As #JoeBiden Leaves #London He’s Is Given A “Proper” #English Goodbye By The Locals – No MSM Coverage

MoviesVerse is a viral pirate site. It allows you to easily download the latest Hindi, Bollywood, English, Hollywood, Punjabi, South, and Marathi movies. #moviesverse #Moviesversein #moviesversenet #moviesverseorg #moviesversepro

Are you connected to wifi and getting speech services by google Downloading English update Waiting For Network Connection error? Well, most of android user gets this problem. Speech services is a text-to-speech service by google that allow apps to read out the text displayed on thWhye screen.

Women's Super League: records crowds, ref drama, Man City and Chelsea stumble

What fucking language is this shit written in? Let's see if we can translate this bullshit to actual English.

For gender fluid individuals, the expectation to share pronouns is a systemic violation. Is it so hard for privileged nongender fluid to pause when you'd like to refer to me so I can fill in the blank? How would I know which pronoun I want be identified with before I know the context of the sentence or situation?

Gods even using English this is still nonsensical bullshit.


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