Science that relies on censorship is not science


Biography of Urfi Javed: This item details the entire plot involving the Indian television star Urfi Javed. It includes additional facts about Urfi Javed biography.

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Most important guidelines for making a Hajj trip
We know this fact, Muslims across the entire world travel to Mecca each year to perform a religious obligation. This sacred duty is popularly known as the Hajj. Every Muslim wishes to accomplish this holy journey because it is one of the fundamental obligations of Islam. This spiritual trip has a rich history, great significance, and numerous interesting facts. In this way, pilgrims should accomplish the necessary tasks before travelling to Mecca. A pilgrim can easily fulfil his religious duty by completing the essential tasks before departing. Read more:

What Are the Signs of Depression - Know The Facts
Depression does not have to be the death knell for your well-being-there is hope! By understanding what causes depression in detail, we can treat the condition better

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Banks Begin Failing as Biden Authorizes FDIC Takeover: How to Prepare | Facts Matter

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2023 March Madness: 68 bracket facts for men's NCAA tournament

18 #COVID ‘Conspiracy Theories’ that Turned Out to be #Conspiracy FACTS

Polar Bear Names

A polar bear makes a wonderful pet. Gaining their friendship and trust might mean a lot because they are territorial creatures. Give it an opposite bear name if you intend to keep your cub as a pet. Together with some interesting polar bear facts, here are some cute and humorous Polar Bear Names to aid you.


Michael Shellenberger Defends First Amendment, Calls "Misinformation" Labels a Disinformation Campaign

"We went from a situation where we were fighting ISIS recruiting, and then it was Russian disinformation. And now they're in a situation where they're wanting to censor true information – accurate facts – because they're worried that people might behave in ways that they don't want them to? That involves mind reading at a level that is grossly inappropriate."

‘They Lied to Us All’: New Jan. 6 Footage, Kangaroo Court Coverup, Blackout on Police Firebomb | Facts Matter

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High-pressure continuous spray bottle barber hairdressing spray bottle: the ultimate facts list

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