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Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas called on the people of the country to prepare for possible problems with electricity supply in the event that Russia disconnects Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from its energy system.


Latvia says it won't offer refuge to Russians fleeing mobilisation
European Union member Latvia, which borders Russia, will not offer refuge to any Russians fleeing Moscow's mobilisation

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❗️🇷🇺 Russian MOD has released a map depicting the countries which will be affected if there is a Radiation leak at Zaporozhye NPP.

Countries include Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova & Eastern Parts of Germany.

Latvian parliament declares Russia ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

Latvian MPs on Thursday adopted a statement declaring Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” and said....

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Latvia indefinitely stops issuing visas to Russian citizens /

The Latvian Embassy in Russia suspended accepting visa applications by Russian citizens for an indefinite time period, the embassy said on August 5.

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Major NATO War Games Set to Begin Miles From Russian Base

NATO will soon conduct large-scale exercises in the Baltics, with thousands of troops from more than a dozen nations set to take part in war games just 40 miles from the nearest Russian military base.

Dubbed “Hedgehog,” the drills will kick off later this week in Estonia and run until June 3, meant to simulate a Russian invasion. They will involve 15,000 troops from 14 countries—including the United States, Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway, as well as non-NATO members Ukraine, Georgia, Sweden and Finland.

According to Major General Veiko-Vello Palm, deputy commander of the Estonian Defence Forces, the exercise will take place just 40 miles from a Russian military base, a facility hosting Moscow’s 76th Guards Air Assault Division in the border city of Pskov.

The size of the war games—among the largest in the Baltics since the fall of the USSR

Western countries expelling 🇷🇺Russian diplomats:

🇮🇹Italy: 30 diplomats
🇫🇷France: 35 diplomats
🇩🇪Germany: 40 diplomats
🇱🇹Lithuania: Ambassador
🇱🇻Latvia: 13 diplomats
🇩🇰Denmark: 15 diplomats
🇸🇪Sweden: 3 diplomats
🇪🇪Estonia: 3 diplomats

EU approves creation of European military force

The EU has approved a common defense strategy that involves the creation of a 5,000-strong deployment force - the so-called “Strategic Compass (https://t.me/rtnews/22573)... plan - for the first time in the bloc’s history.

Latvian FM Edgars Rinkēvičs said the initiative provides a “necessary toolbox for the EU to become a real geopolitical defense and security player together with NATO,” and is only the “beginning of the journey”.

🇷🇺⚡️Russian military expert Korotchenko discusses a scenario to occupy Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, parts of Sweden and Poland on state TV

Additional Breaking: Ukraine spokesperson says the latest shipments of military aid came from Lithuania, US and UK, and they're waiting on planes from Poland, Canada, Latvia, Estonia and Czech in the next few days.

❗️List of countries urging their citizens to leave 🇺🇦 Ukraine.

🇬🇧United Kingdom
🇰🇷South Korea
🇨🇿 Czech Republic
🇲🇰North Macedonia

And the list of such countries continues to grow.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - After World War II, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used to recruit Latvians who fought on the side of Nazi Germany, including as part of the Latvian Legion Waffen-SS, and use them in subversive activities against the Soviet Union.

On Thursday, Russia's History Foundation presented a report revealing the names of 23 Latvian CIA agents.

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