new items up on my website as I still fight from 4 years ago #NursingHomeAbuse & many #Americans capitulated to all the murders in the Nursing Homes and the Unconstitutional Lockdowns of the Nursing Homes from 2020 - 2022 like the gutless spineless #cowards they are! #Revelation 21:8

Fauci deputy was 'very impressed' with China's COVID lockdown methods, despite 'great cost'

Authoritarians mimicked China's lockdowns in attacks on liberty

Liberal media defends communist China's draconian lockdowns

Dem. Intel Chairman: Biden Won’t Openly Support Chinese Anti-Lockdown Protesters To Avoid “Western Plot” Charges

White House “Isn’t Taking a Side” on Cause of Anti-Lockdown Protests in China

China’s Auto Industry Once Again Shuttering Some Operations Due to Lockdowns

DeSantis says Chinese people 'right' to protest 'zero COVID' lockdowns that belong in 'ash heap of history'

Chinese Lockdown Threatened by Free Speech as Twitter Opens Up Covid-19 Truth Posts

White House defends anti-lockdown protests in China

Video: Fauci Again Defends Chinese Lockdowns

Apple Turned Off Protest Communication Tool Right Before Anti-Lockdown Uprising in China

BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Klaus Schwab Says Chinese Lockdowns to Expand Worldwide

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