Tiger Moms Maul Virginia School Board Over ‘Misgendering’ Rules
A Virginia school district will suspend students from fourth grade on up for using the wrong pronouns to designate transgender peers, igniting a fierce backlash from parents during a Thursday school board meeting.
The Fairfax County School Board voted eight to four to approve guidelines that will discipline students who engage in "malicious misgendering," "malicious deadnaming," or use a slur based on a classmate's "gender identity," "gender expression," or "sexual orientation." The board approved the rules as part of next year's school handbook. Four board members who objected did so for reasons unrelated to the suspension provision, preferring to debate a run-of-the-mill cell phone policy for an hour after fielding heated questions from parents.
One father told the Washington Free Beacon he would withdraw his kids from Fairfax County Public Schools if the "misgendering" rules passed. He mentioned two other parents he

Parents Say Free Speech Being Replaced by Forced Trans Speech at Middle School, and They Are NOT Happy!

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More of us need to speak up across the world to stop this stupidity from happening to our vulnerable children!

Furious parents rally at Virginia middle school as board suggests punishing children for 'malicious misgendering' and 'deadnaming' if they use trans classmates' old names.

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BBC 'changed rape victim's quotes to avoid misgendering her trans attacker'

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More reasons to take the schools out of the hands of the federal government.
Left-Wing School Wants Kids Arrested for ‘Misgendering’ Classmates
A left-wing school in Wisconsin is trying to get middle school kids arrested for “misgendering” their fellow students. So, now schools want to arrest kids for not being woke enough,
According to WLUK TV, administrators at Kiel Middle School launched an investigation into a trio of middle school students for committing the woke crime of refusing to call a fellow student by his “preferred pronouns.”
Indeed, the school has filed a Title IX complaint a

The mentally ill are now running the institution;
Twitter suspends GOP lawmaker Jim Banks' official account for misgendering four-star officer.. That's a fucking GUY, no matter how many time it calls himself a woman..... I would hold him at gun point and make him do a walk of shame.. (like on "Game of Thrones")


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