Illinois gubernatorial candidate blames Chicago crime on Pritzker in heated debate

In the mid-night hours of January 13, 2021, House Bill 3653/PA 101-0652 was filed and quickly passed by the Illinois legislature with little input from the public or law enforcement. Just a few short weeks later, that legislation, now referred to as the “SAFE-T” Act, was signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker.

The rushed, poorly drafted 800-page law sparked outrage across the state for its little consideration to our law enforcement and public safety.

Today, Illinois is on the verge of many of the dangerous SAFE-T Act provisions taking effect. We must protect public safety at all costs and repeal this law before it’s too late.


Chicago, IL wants to host Democrats' riots https://chicago.suntimes.c...

Illinois Gov. Pritzker Declares State of Emergency As Illegal Immigrants Flood Chicago

Following the mayor of Washington, D.C., who last week declared the capital is in a state of public emergency due to the influx of approximately 1,000 immigrants, Illinois Gov. Pritzker (D) declared a “state of emergency” as illegal immigrants “flood Chicago,” a sanctuary city.


In response ContraRadioNetwork to his Mumbl

Good Pritzker you can feed and take care of your fare share of the illegals maybe ask if they want a job to work for what they get.

Pritzker [D] makes IL even more dangerous https://www.thecentersquar...

and then there were 3...NY, CA & now, IL.

Illinois Gov. Declares State of Emergency, Says Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency - Breaking911
CHICAGO — Governor Pritzker issued a proclamation today declaring the monkeypox virus

J.B. Pritzker’s toilet troubles may come back to haunt him if he runs for president in 2024

Gov. Pritzker: Assault weapons, high-capacity magazines should be banned

Illinois Gov. Pritzker: ‘Ban Assault Weapons’

#Illinois Fascist Communist Authoritarian Dictator #Pritzker tells #NRA to 'leave us the hell alone' after mass shooting tweet #ArrestPritzker #DemandCapitalPunishment #2aShallNotBeInfringed #GunRights


Rep. Lauren Boebert
why are there 20 pallets of bricks one block from the House Office Buildings?

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