Progressives urge supporters to see Thanksgiving as 'Indigenous Day of Mourning'

Democrats lie about trans murder rate https://www.based-politics...

America Still a Place of Opportunity (Unless Progressives Destroy That, Too)

Profits Do Not Cause Inflation (No Matter What Progressives Claim)

Daily Surge Monday ...
-- A Conservative Contract to: Capture Congress, Paralyze Progressives, Block Biden, Restore Republic
-- Blowing Up Pro-Choice Propaganda: Eight Common Myths About Abortion
-- No Neutral Ground: Public Education Has Abandoned Importance of Character Development in Students


-- A Conservative Contract to: Capture Congress, Paralyze Progressives, Block Biden, Restore Republic

Democrats, feminists ignore Iran's repression of women https://www.realclearpolit...

Biden's $420B student-debt transfer is blatantly illegal

I believe it is time to consider whether Republicans are being crafty with their silence or just dumb. If ever an opportunity has arisen for this party to wipe out the progressives in D.C. now is that time. The polls mean nothing because the Republicans are going to face cheating at the ballot box, mail in, and chicanery of tallies no matter what they do.

They need super majorities to have a chance. Will they get those? Not by staying hidden away hoping for change! Do these Republicans follow social media such as this one? I see more practical suggestions on these platforms than any of them have mentioned, ever! America needs to be pulled from the river of stupidity before she drowns and now is the time to throw her a rope! Where's Paul Revere when we need him? I know, he died centuries ago but his valor did not. Where is the American valor to strive and conquer?

🔴 New Texas Law to Require Schools to Display 4-Word Signs on the National Motto

Oh boy, this will trigger some progressives.


How Progressives Sold Out Rural Calif. to Drug Lords

Progressives beg Biden for student loan forgiveness

Progressives eager to primary Manchin for sidelining Biden's agenda

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