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What is Crickto?

Crickto is a creative private metaverse that runs on the Ethereum network. The game is themed around NFT-based futuristic robots based on a distant inhabitable planet TARO. Crickto plans to create a metaverse like The Sandbox, where the possibilities are virtually endless.

Once users sign up, they will be able to redevelop the TARO land and buy virtual land on the game. Users can also develop real estate on their purchased land, which will be 100% owned by them. Ownership of the land and developed estate within the Crickto metaverse is verified and secured by a unique NFT.

At the heart of these limitless possibilities is Crickto in-game TARO token. The token is a measure of wealth inside the game and a measure of investment for investors outside of it.

For more info: https://crickto.io/
whitepaper: https://crickto.io/white-p...

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