Liberals are forming their opinion on Elon Musk for arranging the hate on Twitter?
The only ones added were the ones censored, tho only ones complaining are the snowflakes, the only ones not used to free speech are those same Liberal's.
As Elon strives to the task of a ‘Free Speech Platform’ the Marxist,Communist & Socialist come out of the woodwork like roaches.
Complain of hate, division, racism & all those wonderful elements of Liberal beliefs.
It becomes harder to support even the smallest Liberal ideology. Economy, Ethics, false Patriotism and of course the HATE of American values.
Thinking skills have never been the skill presented in any comments, posts or tweets. They always start with a false premise of false facts, evidence and real life proof.
IF I’m lie-in , I’m die-in.
Has anyone read or seen anything positive from a Liberal?
Nor have I.

Christmas snow globes NZ

Christmas snow globes in NZ are a must-have for any holiday decoration collection. Creating one is easy - just gather some supplies and follow these simple steps:

1. Choose your base. Snow globes can be made with a variety of bases, including Styrofoam balls and plastic cups. Be sure to choose one that's sturdy enough to hold the weight of the globe.

2. Choose your decoration materials. You can use glitter, Christmas lights, ornaments, and even fake snow to create a look that's uniquely your own.

3. Fill your globe with snow! If you want realistic-looking snowflakes, you'll need some type of flake or crystal filler (like confetti). If you're looking for something more whimsical, try using shredded paper, cotton balls, or small beads instead.

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We Couldn't Make This Stuff Up Patriots...But Ignorant Socialist Snowflake Libs Keep Us Supplied With PLENTY Of Material! 🤣

Somebody needs to tell these crybaby snowflakes to go pound sand.
School District Receives Backlash for Using This Term
The San Francisco Unified School District will stop utilizing the term “chief” to be more culturally delicate. The district stated members of the Native American neighborhood revealed issue with the term.
Authorities informed the San Francisco Chronicle that over 10,000 staff members in the district from a range of functions have actually become part of the conversations about the term. A brand-new term to change the word “chief” has actually not yet been chosen.
“By changing how we refer to our division heads we are in no way diminishing the indispensable contributions of our district central service leaders,” noted SFUSD spokeswoman Gentle Blythe.
At least 13 officials in the district have a title that consists of the term “chief” consisting of a primary innovation officer, a chief of personnel, and a primary scholastic officer.
Read more here: https://newshou

In response Mike Saxman to his Mumbl

Share it...there's a drought in California where a much of our food is grown, they need liberal snowflake tears.

Harvard Closes Campus Police Station That Snowflakes Called “Intimidating”
A longtime police station located in a Harvard University residence hall is now closed due to students and faculty feeling it was both “violent” and “intimidating.”
The campaign to remove the hall, which for 17 years served at Harvard’s Mather House, succeeded with a wide variety of complaints ranging from comical to absurd.
Faith Woods, a student at the university, explained to the campus newspaper that she felt “watched and policed,” and then added that having a police car outside the residence hall doesn’t result

In response Duncan Lemp to his Mumbl

That is an outstanding question...a real brain-fryer for lefties, liberals and snowflakes who don't THINK beyond the end of their noses. And it happens to them every time people, life, the world moves or changes...because their POSITIONS on issues, matters and what is "okay" are constantly CHANGING. (Remember "We have to save the Spotted Owl" in California? Then the leftist-tree-huggers erected a lot of wind turbines and started killing hundreds of owls, hawks, eagles, ospreys, falcons, ducks, geese...they're true idiots, they really are.)

Another Woke Food Company Goes Liberal Woke Snowflake And Drastically Reduce The Amount Of Money They Make!

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