The spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force announced that infrastructure work has begun at the country's military airports so that they will be adapted to the landings and takeoffs of F16 aircrafts.

Video: Hear From A 9-Year-Old Ukrainian Boy Maimed By NATO-Supplied Weapons

Transcarpathian Hungarians are being mobilized into the Ukrainian army "in a tough way" (forcibly), and many of them die, said the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

Armor Up: US, Germany Sending Top-End Tanks to Ukraine

Russian forces looking to go on a springtime offensive in Ukraine will be met by more Ukrainian armor and firepower, following an agreement between the United States and Germany to bolster Kyiv's capabilities with some of the world's most lethal and coveted tanks. ...

Kyiv Says Forces Outnumbered, Battling 'Intensifying' Russian Attacks Near Bakhmut

A Ukrainian deputy defense minister said on January 25 that Russian forces are "intensifying" their attacks near Bakhmut in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine and warned that Moscow had a "superior number of soldiers and weapons" in what has become a hot spot in the 11-month-old invasion. ...

Maria Zeee and Aussie Cossack Reveal How COVID Outbreak Is Tied to NATO-Funded Ukrainian Biolabs

US-Made Tanks Likely Headed to Ukraine; Timing Uncertain

Pleas by Ukrainian officials for more tanks, and more advanced tanks, to use in their fight against Russia have begun to resonate in Washington with the United States now preparing to send Kyiv dozens of its top-of-the-line battle tank. ...

Germany Gives Green Light To Send Leopard Tanks To Kyiv As Zelenskiy Purges Senior Ukrainian Leadership

Germany has decided to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and allow other countries such as Poland to do so, the German magazine Spiegel reported on January 24. ...

Top US General Inspects Expanded Training Program of Ukrainian Troops

Ukrainian interior minister killed in helicopter crash

Ukrainian Activist Lauded by Western Media Says She Wants “All Russians” to be “Wiped Off the Face of the Earth”

??Killing shots of the assault on the Ukrainian defensive midfielder from the first person. Machines with a thermal imager.

Belarus downs Ukrainian missile

GOP hardliners refuse to clap, stand for Zelenskyy as Ukrainian president asks for more money

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