Heat Wave still persists across southern and eastern US

07/20/2022 - Heat Wave still persists across southern and eastern US

Dangerous heat will impact much of the U.S. today as widespread excessive heat warnings and heat advisories are in effect. These warnings and advisories include many major metropolitan areas from the Northeast into the Southern tier of the U.S. and parts of the Southwest. Also, severe storms with damaging winds, hail and a tornado or two are possible from the Great Lakes into the Ohio Valley.

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US says Chinese balloon is for spying, as Blinken delays trip

The Pentagon said that a Chinese high-altitude balloon flying over the U.S. had the capability to conduct surveillance and was controllable, despite China's contention it is a weather-monitoring system that had simply been blown off course. ...

Watch: Pentagon Refuses to Explain “Payload” Carried by Chinese Spy Balloon https://www.infowars.com/p...

Chinese balloon flying over US 'intentional,' not weather craft that blew off course, US official says https://www.foxnews.com/po...

Global Cooling: Polar Vortex to Strike New England With ‘Ice Age’ Weather https://www.infowars.com/p...

Shipping containers have become a popular solution for storage and transportation needs due to their durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Made of strong steel, these containers can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough handling during transit. They can also be easily modified to meet specific requirements such as temperature control, lighting, and security systems. Additionally, shipping containers offer a convenient and flexible option for those who need temporary or mobile storage space. Whether you're moving goods across the country or need extra storage space, shipping containers offer a variety of benefits that make them a smart choice.

Noted Climatologist Kamala Harris Explains How Weather and Climate Interact https://theusmilitarynews....

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Teens on NYC subway attack man defending another passenger https://nypost.com/2023/01...

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Biden to visit CA areas devastated by extreme weather Thursday https://www.foxnews.com/po...

Can Your Diet Prevent Your Asthma?

What we eat and drink obviously has a wide range of effects on our health in general. When focusing on a condition like asthma, which affects lung function and increases susceptibility to allergic reactions, we need to be extremely mindful about what we put into our bodies.

For those living with and managing a chronic condition like asthma, there are various factors to bear in mind when attempting to live as healthy a life as possible. Many of these, such as weather and environmental factors, are beyond our control.

There is clear evidence that certain types of foods and drinks can help significantly to enhance an asthma sufferer’s overall health, either by avoiding risk factors or by actively contributing to the wellbeing of the body. The following is a quick tour through some of the most beneficial nutritional groups.

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How the environment impacts your EV charge

An Ev Chargers Brisbane levels and duration might be affected by the weather.

As sales and demand for EVs soar to new heights, the technology behind them continues to advance. Despite a survey from Research and Markets predicting that the global market for EV batteries will reach $25.43 billion in 2023, some critics argue that choosing an electric vehicle is not worth it because of how long it takes to charge in cold weather.


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