Jay Hall
12 months ago
Dear CNN: These are not real news stories, but rather satire.
War In Ukraine Ends, Biden Shifts Funds to Activist Group
Biden decided Friday to cut off funding to Ukraine and give $4.23B to the Diversity League.
Former Miss Climate Girl of 2022 Sheds Crown and Joins Inuit Tribe
Gretta “how dare you” Thornburg (b. 3-3-03) has gotten tired of climate and has joined the Inuit tribe.
No More Crop Cicles “R” Us
The very last #CropCircles “R” Us location has finally closed in Gravity, Iowa.
Vulkinz Adopt Young Earth Minority Report
Aliens land in Cleveland and declare that Young Earth Science is real!
In a joint meeting with ALF, Ross Perot’s stunt double stated, “Young Earth Theory Intelligence is rockin’!” #YETI
More here w/ pix:
#WeirdNewz #Fracted #war

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