Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders says Biden surrendered presidency to ‘woke mob’ who can't define 'woman'

Over 100 groups back Manchin, GOP plan to block Biden’s ‘woke’ ESG investing rule

Top Military Historian Warns: The Woke Mind Virus Is An Elite Weapon

Luxury Rehab Facilities Treat Crypto Addiction

At one point, Don invested up to $200,000 (£164,700) every week in cryptocurrency trades.
He slept fitfully and awoke before dawn to watch prices and his portfolio’s balance. “Before long-haul flights, I would break out in a cold sweat because I could not use the internet,” he said.

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ALERT! NSA Courting THOUSANDS Of Woke Laid-Off Big Tech Workers For Intelligence Operations

Newsom’s wife makes bank from woke schools

Maher: ‘Woke Revolution’ Very Similar To Mao’s Cultural Revolution

WATCH: Alex Jones Slams Woke Teachers Targeting Pre-Schoolers With Gender Identity Propaganda

ESG investment rule emerges as top ‘woke’ target for Republicans battling Biden

Newsom's [D-CA] spouse soaks schools for $1.5M

Commentary: DeSantis Fires Warning Shot at Woke Doctors: You Will Lose Your License


Corporate wokeness: Big Tech, major banks rated 'high risk' of canceling people, orgs for ideological reasons

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