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Fox News
3 days ago
All eyes on California Gov. Newsom to quickly name temporary Senate replacement for Feinstein https://www.foxnews.com/po...
Twisted Eagle
6 days ago
Yesterday, NYC took on around 600 to 700 migrants.
Over 6 busses full of migrants showed up at the Port Authority.
The Roosevelt Hotel staff have had enough and are burt out .
Waiting rooms at the Roosevelt are at full capacity
Random drops off of migrants are happening at the Roosevelt hotel
NYC officials are putting in a request to end the right to shelter law
NYC officials are stating the migrant crisis will destroy NYC without the proper help .
NYC officials also amended the right to shelter law to 30 days .
Fox News
7 days ago
All eyes on NJ Gov Murphy if Menendez changes course and resigns unexpectedly https://www.foxnews.com/po...
Twisted Eagle
10 days ago
Greg Abbott: Texas is the only one stepping up to deter and repel illegal immigrants.

The Biden Admin literally opened the floodgates in Eagle Pass yesterday.

Mexican military and law enforcement are doing nothing.
Twisted Eagle
11 days ago
Piedras Negras: The second half of the 7,000 migrants on train arrived last night to Piedras Negras and are expected to cross into Eagle Pass today.

Yesterday 3,000 crossed. This group of another 3,000 that arrived last night could be crossing today.

Texas DPS, in agreement with the city of Eagle Pass, has once again designated areas as private property and will prosecute for criminal trespass. (Auden B. Cabello (https://twitter.com/i/stat...
Twisted Eagle
11 days ago
NYC Eyes on ‘Slavery Reparations’ Task Force, Removing Statues of Columbus, Washington
The city council is considering expensive proposals about reparations for slavery
READ: https://1.breakingheadline...
Daily Surge
11 days ago
Daily Surge Thursday ...
-- Long Record of Untruths: Yes, Joe Biden Lies … a Lot
-- Proper Attitude for ‘End-Times’ Means Serving God Now — Not Waiting for Escape

Daily Surge
11 days ago
-- Long Record of Untruths: Yes, Joe Biden Lies … a Lot
14 days ago
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15 days ago
Donald Trump could become US President before 2024 says Dr Jan Halper-Hayes
Donald Trump could become US President before 2024 says Dr Jan Halper-Hayes - YouTube

’They’re talking about Trump being the speaker of the Senate, and then he will be able to impeach Biden and Harris, then he will be able to take over’Dr Jan ...

Rick Finnstrom
21 days ago
Yes I would , Ghost and all
28 days ago
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Harry Two
1 month ago
August 27, 2023 BREAKINGNews #MarkDice
Guess Who's Back on TV - YES! ? https://youtu.be/UNMaMKdjh... via @YouTube
Guess Who's Back on TV - YES! ? - YouTube

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1 month ago
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Twisted Eagle
1 month ago
Yesterday wasn’t a good day for Russia: first their space vessel Luna-25 crashed before it landed on the moon, and then a TU-22M3 bomber was completely destroyed in a Ukrainian drone strike on the Russian air force base in Soltsky, Novgorod region, between Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Twisted Eagle
2 months ago
The North Korean military claimed that an American spy plane penetrated to a depth of 100 km in the country's economic zone in the East Sea yesterday morning and that fighter jets were launched towards it. In a statement that indicated that the possibility of placing ships with anti-aircraft missiles in the area is being considered to prevent further infiltrations.
Earth and space expedition center
2 months ago
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Harry Two
2 months ago
August 14, 2023 #breakingnews #AmericasMayorLive #RudyGiuliani realDonaldTrump
America's Mayor Live (E211): All Eyes on Fulton County, Georgia This Week https://rumble.com/v37mtzy...
2 months ago
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Terry L. Clark
2 months ago
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Payal Roy
2 months ago
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Twisted Eagle
2 months ago
NEW: Per CBP source, there are currently 19,400 migrants in Border Patrol custody nationwide, w/ all 4 major sectors about to hit capacity, or already overcapacity.

We saw mass illegal crossings in RGV this AM, huge groups w/ hundreds. Cartel smuggling wristbands all over ground, Bill Melugin reports.

Most of what we are seeing crossing illegally in the RGV right now are family units. CBP sources tell me a large majority of these migrant families are being released into the US with a Notice to Appear, with 967 migrants released w/ NTAs yesterday alone here in the RGV sector.
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