One America News
27 days ago
Iran Condemns Woman to Death for Adultery https://www.oann.com/newsr...
Ministry Of Truth
1 yr. ago
Redefining Adultery: OK, #Groomer !
Daily Surge
1 yr. ago
Daily Surge Monday ...
-- Are the ‘Woke’ the New Pharisees? Leftist’s Hypocrisy over Martha’s Vineyard on Full Display
-- Remembering the Big Picture: Don’t Forget ‘LGB’ When Pushing Back Against ‘T’
-- British Royal Family: One Scandal After Another—Time to Shut It Down?
-- Adam Levine, Human Nature, and Adultery … Not the End of the Story

Daily Surge
1 yr. ago
-- Adam Levine, Human Nature, and Adultery … Not the End of the Story
Michael Bresciani
1 yr. ago
Adam Levine, Human Nature, and Adultery

In recent days, there has been a flurry of accusations of adultery and/or inappropriate behavior against singer Adam Levine. This, in turn, has led to…
Ant Crow
1 yr. ago
So, I've been wondering, just what is Biden good at? It sure as blue blazes isn't the job he is doing now! Did he ever catch a limit of trout? What was his handicap at golf? How good was he at adultery? Did he ever do anything to benefit America? Anything whatsoever?

When you come right down to the brass tacks, Biden is not good at anything that I can see. Except, switching his opinions on a yearly basis and lying through his teeth. It's gotta be in his genetics but that may not be fair to his predecessors. Did he have any predecessors? Would his mother and father approve of what he's doing? Hunter certainly does and that makes one unless you throw in Jill. I don't know a thing about Jill so I'll leave her out.

Do you enjoy the term, "Loser?" I believe we've found the definition with a pulse.

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