Liberal media hides details about attack on Pelosi's [D-CA] husband

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Key Takeaways

Anti-regime protests have subsided in size and scale in recent days but may increase on October 20 and 26.
Anti-regime protests occurred in at least 10 cities in 8 provinces on October 19.
The IRGC continued to threaten Azerbaijan militarily for allegedly hosting Israeli intelligence agents on October 19.
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei gave a speech praising Iranian academics in a meeting with Iranian university science students and faculty members on October 19.
IRGC-affiliated Fars News Agency reported that most arrested protestors are younger than 35.

Key Takeaways

Russian forces conducted drone and missiles strikes against residential areas and critical infrastructure facilities throughout Ukraine on October 17.
Russian drone strikes against residential areas in Kyiv on October 17 are indicative of Russian forces prioritizing psychological terror over tangible battlefield gains.
Yevgeny Prigozhin and affiliated Telegram channels are increasingly commenting on the ineffectiveness of traditional Russian military institutions, which may be undermining the Kremlin.
A fratricidal altercation between mobilized servicemen at a training ground in Belgorod Oblast on October 15 is likely a consequence of the Kremlin’s continual reliance on ethnic minority communities to bear the burden of mobilization in the Russian Federation.
Russia is continuing to leverage its relationship with Iran to obtain drones and missiles, likely to compensate for its increasingly attritted missile arsenal.

Iranian cargo planes continue to arrive in Russia. Today, a heavy transport aircraft Il-76 (EP-PUS) of the Iranian airline Pouya Air, affiliated with the IRGC, arrived at Vnukovo Airport from Tehran. What is being delivered to Moscow is unknown, but most likely— drones.

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Iran Crisis Update, October 8
Oct 8, 2022

The Iranian regime’s rhetorical responses to ongoing anti-regime protests may suggest that senior regime officials are posing for the benefit of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei or other key power centers rather than trying to reach their restive populace. Regime disinformation about brutality against demonstrators is increasingly disconnected from reality and more likely to stoke protestor anger than to assuage it. President Ebrahim Raisi spoke at a women’s university in Tehran to illustrate that he retains support from young Iranian women in the face of mass protests by young women against the regime. IRGC-affiliated media outlets are similarly propagating disinformation about protestor deaths, claiming that several protestors died from an underlying illness, suicide, and other causes unrelated to police brutality. Uncorroborated reports suggest that the regime edited the Telegram account of Sarina Esmail Zadeh—whom Iranian security forces br

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Babies Know They’re Trans Once Born, Says Harvard-Affiliated Hospital

Russian PMC “Wagner” claim they have entered Bakhmut

Source: Wagner affiliated telegram channel

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America, “Investigators Find Who’s Really Controlling Biden!”

Investigations have revealed that the Biden administration is collaborating with a Chinese-affiliated green energy firm on legislation that will affect millions of Americans.

The Natural Resources Defense Council(NRDC’s) trick is to condemn the carbon impact of Western nations while defending China. This advances the overarching globalist plan, which seeks to undermine Western competitiveness and steal prosperity while supporting Chinese global supremacy.

The Biden administration is reportedly celebrating rising energy costs for Americans as a result of their misguided environmental goal, according to the media:

More to come:

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