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Automotive and aerospace industries make extensive use of lightweight components. Using components covered in lightweight conductive polymers for heat dissipation also boosts the product's penetration in various industries. On the other hand, the growth of the LED market in developing countries will open up more opportunities and drive the market for conducting polymers during the period covered by the forecast. Also, compared to many other carbon-based electrodes, it has a relatively low equivalent series resistance. As a result, it is the best material for making supercapacitor electrodes.
8 months ago
Synchronous Condenser Market Size, Share, and COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The synchronous condenser can be defined as a DC-excited synchronous motor in which the shaft is not connected to anything and this shaft spins independently. It is used to adjust conditions on the ideal electric power transmission grid. The field of this condenser is controlled by a voltage regulator to either absorb reactive power as needed to adjust the grid’s voltage or to improve the power factor correction. The installation and operation are identical to large generators and electric motors. These condensers are an alternative to capacitor banks for power-factor correction in power grids.

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Some of the trends that are expected to shape the synchronous condenser market in the coming years include:
• Increasing use of renewable energy sources: The use of renewable energy sources is expected to increase in the comi
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4 Top Beneficial Features of 12.3-Inch TFT Displays

TFTs are active matrix LCDs, wherein each pixel is attached to a capacitor and a transistor in their active state. Go through this infographic for the features of 12.3ʺ TFT LCD displays, making them popular among various LCD displays.

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Dielectric in Capacitor | Capacitor | Physics for NEET and JEE 2023 | VN Sir

effect of dielectric on capacitance
dielectric in a capacitor
capacitor half filled with dielectric
checklist of dielectric
capacitors and dielectrics

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