Those who have the resources, TIME TO GROW #Organic #Chicken #Turkey #DUCK AND OTHER POULTRY – ORGANIC #eggs !
#Vaccine makers prep #BirdFlu shot for humans 'just in case'; rich nations lock in supplies

We actually have to have some salt and the iodine in iodized salt. Be sure when the government tells you to stop all together eating things like salt, eggs, whole milk, whole butter, they are liars .We just have to eat in moderation. Margarine is way worse than real butter.

Brave New World: Scientists ‘Create Mice with Two Fathers’ after ‘Making Eggs from Male Cells’

Joe Biden, keeps telling his citizens what a great job he’s doing on the economy, which is one of his most egregious lies. People who have to pay utility bills and feed their families know that everything has become unaffordable under Biden’s reign of incompetence
Thanks to an assist from the liberal media, the WSJ is softening Joe’s ineptitude by telling folks they can beat inflation by simply foregoing food. Eggs and natural gas have become luxury items that only the top 1% can afford in the 2 years Joe Biden has been f*cking up the Americans
The liberal media has bent over backwards to excuse Biden’s disastrous illegitimate presidency and spin his shameful handling of the economy, but it comes as a surprise that they are now trying to convince the electorate that eating food is overrated.

Watch: Hens Go From No Eggs to Dozens After Chicken Farmer Ditches ‘Tainted’ Feed

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