Stevens to join Sparks as Sky exodus continues

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Friday Live Broadcast: Twitter Hit With Mass Exodus, But Maybe That Was Elon Musk’s Plan All Along

Twitter On Lock Out After Mass Resignation Exodus; Operations At Risk

#Twitter Exodus: More Officials Leave: Sarah Personette, chief customer officer and ad boss, tweeted on Tuesday that she resigned last week, may others leaving! https://www.entrepreneur.c...

Download Your FB Friends' Contact Info And Import Into Your Database!

Full instructions BELOW the video on the channel!

Follow these simple instructions and download all of your facebook friends' email addresses into a .CSV file. (Comma Separated Values).

This assures that you can always remain in contact with them even if you get suspended in the future. It also enables you to add them to a new email account separate from your current account and keep them separate from your business and family contacts.

Essentially, it gives you a way to invite your friends to alternative media social networks that allow you to invite your contacts and lets you thumb your nose at Zuckerberg and his leftist cronies!

Josh Hawley predicts exodus among Biden staff if GOP takes Congress

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