In response GA Log Cabin GOP to his Mumbl

Nobody with a lifestyle that vastly exceeds their income would be given a security clearance anywhere else. Add in a drug addict relative in the home and you can count on national security secrets sold to fund their standard of living plus the high class hookers and blow.

West Virginia House passes bill expanding advocate's authority

WARNING: The Left’s True Threat to the Constitution, if they Understood Article V, Exposed by John Birch Society

Indiana Gov. Holcomb's public health expansion passes legislative panel

Peterson said the international consortium will be based out of London and the first meeting will take place in the fall. He didn’t reveal the name of the group, or anyone who’ll be involved.

“We’re trying to put together something like an alternative vision of the future – say an alternative to that kind of apocalyptic narrative that’s being put forward, at least implicitly, by organizations like the WEF,” Peterson said. https://thecountersignal.c...

California Gov. Gavin Newsom endorses even stricter gun control after string of mass shootings

On Tuesday, the Fifth District appellate court of Illinois upheld and extended the scope of a restraining order placed on the state's restrictive new Protect Illinois Communities Act, a bill passed into law on January 10 that banned the sale and possession of "assault weapons," rapid fire enhancements known as switches, and high capacity magazines.

??⚡️- Iran has officially blamed Kurdish separatists for the Isfahan attack.

Major Democrat donor tied to Biden indicted for allegedly embezzling millions from suffering clients

Al Sharpton speaks at Tyre Nichols funeral

12 NJ mayors raise alarm on offshore wind after 'unprecedented' number of whale deaths

Nos tracts, 4p., brochures, notre mensuel #AlternativeLibertaire portent autant que possible un double discours : revendications immédiates et perspectives révolutionnaires (#DoubleBesogne) voire un discours 100% #anticapitaliste compréhensible lors des périodes conflictuelles.

Quel rôle pour l’#UnionCommunisteLibertaire dans le mouvement s’opposant à la contre #ReformeRetraites ? Il est multiple : renforcer les #ContrePouvoirs pour gagner, favoriser la politisation du #Proletariat en portant un discours révolutionnaire #CommunisteLibertaire .
Le renforcement des #ContrePouvoirs passe par l’adhésion de nos militant·es puis par le rôle d’animateur/trice #autogestionnaire de lutte ainsi que le renforcement du #TravailUnitaire et la lutte contre la répression afin de renforcer la #PuissanceDeFeu de ces organisations.
Favoriser la politisation ne se limite pas à tracter, encore faut-il donner des perspectives : retraite & féminisme, retraite & écologie, retraite & antivalidisme (les travailleurs/euses des ESAT ne cotisent pas pour la retraite). L’UCL réalise actuellement des tracts thématiques.

Michael Cohen says Manhattan DA asked for his cell phones amid Trump-Stormy Daniels hush money probe

High-ranking Dem turns on Biden after admin gives major oil project green light

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