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Do You Require 24-Hour Emergency Electrical Services?
There are various scenarios in which you may want the services of an electrician. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, Electrician Aubin Grove can help with practically any issue in Cockburn. However, if you are faced with an electrical emergency, you must be able to rely on emergency electrical services that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you in resolving the problem and assuring the safety of your place of business. Here are a few instances of situations in which you might want 24-hour emergency electrical services:
1. If you smell something burning through your walls or if your sockets or light switches emit a burning odour, you should not hesitate to contact for help. Electrical systems are a common source of fires, which usually start behind the walls. You won't be able to see the fire at first, but you will definitely smell it.
2. If you hear a loud buzzing or hu

Ev Charging/ Charging
Requirements for EV Charger Installation
Each charger ‘should’ have its own socket outlet and be on its own circuit.
As many consumer incoming mains are in the 35A to 50A range, even one added 16A charging socket-outlet can cause an overload. So, when an EV charging point is added, the electrician should do a maximum demand assessment. This can mean a consumer mains upgrade.
It may also go further, requiring upgrading of the distributor lead-in from the street, especially if there is more than one EV and they are on separate socket outlets, as in AS/NZS 3000 Appendix P. Switchboard upgrading or replacement may result, and additional AS/NZS 3000 requirements may apply.

Residential Installations
For residential installations with PV there may be some benefit when charging an EV. However, as most cars used for travel to work or used at work will be away during the day, this may not be a solution unless a battery system is installed.
These issues may be exace

Zeus Mining Maintenance Video Tutorial: Soldering the Fan Socket of Antminer S19 Control Board
After installing the fan socket to the control board, you need to flip the control board over and solder the fan socket.
Miner fan socket (can also be used for computer motherboard): https://www.zeusbtc.com/AS...
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