BIG Online provides:

Funding Resources : a comprehensive, keyword, and field searchable database with detailed information and profiles on 25,000 foundations, corporate donors, matching gift programs, in kind donations, and government grant makers.

Writing Tools: a step-by-step guide and award-winning templates for the writing of highly professional funding proposals and letters of inquiry. Also includes the World Proposal Championships!

Client Support: product training sessions and guidance for maximizing the usage of the BIG Online database.

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Quinnox Digital integration solutions to extract the full potential

Quinnox is a trusted digital integration solutions partner because of a powerful mix of intelligent methodologies, cutting-edge tools, proven templates, flexible client-focussed frameworks, and our fifteen-year knowledge and experience. When you partner with Quinnox, you can be assured of accelerated success in achieving your enterprise objectives in real-world scenarios for many of today's leading companies in a variety of industries. Partner with Quinnox for future-ready, end-to-end business integration solutions that can accelerate your path to you achieving your organization's goals.


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E-Commerce Website Development Services | Webdecorum

Webdecorum is an eCommerce website development Company that includes various stages such as designing the user interface, integrating payment gateways, creating a product catalog, implementing security measures, and testing the website for functionality and performance.

Some of the key features of an eCommerce website include a shopping cart, product pages with descriptions and images, payment gateway integration, and a secure checkout process. eCommerce websites can be developed using a variety of programming languages and platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and OpenCart.

Businesses can hire eCommerce website development service providers to build custom online stores or choose from pre-designed templates that can be customized to their needs. These service providers may also offer additional services such as digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and ongoing maintenance and support.


IHYIP Templates offers Bootstrap-based ICO website template that is cost-effective and ensure that a business site has all the essential qualities to look great.

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Quinnox Digital integration services to extract competitive advantages

Integrations provide a huge competitive advantage in your business's digital journey. Quinnox is a reliable digital integration solutions partner because of our powerful combination of innovative tools, intelligent methodologies, tried and tested templates, carefully designed organizational frameworks, and our knowledge and experience. The result is accelerated success in achieving objectives in real-world scenarios for many of today’s leading companies across various industries. Partner with Quinnox for end-to-end, future-ready business integration solutions that can bring you closer to your organization’s goals at a faster pace.


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An Ultimate Guide To Mobile App Development Tools: Discover Your App Idea’s True Potential

Looking for the best mobile app development tools and platforms? Mobile app developer tools ease the development journey by offering developers access to various IDEs, templates, API, data synchronizations, analytics, code-free deployment, and so on. Here in this blog, we got the recommendation of the best development tools that you can try.

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Motion Graphics Templates

Want to know the use of templates in motion graphics? Wait no further. Head over to our article and explore right now. Want to save time and get a head


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