Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasts Biden for surrendering ‘to a woke mob that can’t tell you what a woman is,’

ADL Hounds Joe Rogan For Saying ‘The Idea That Jewish People Are Not Into Money is Ridiculous’ And ‘Like Saying Italians Aren’t Into Pizza!’

In Pivot, Biden Shifts From Condemning ‘MAGA Extremists’ to Putting Forward His Own ‘MAGA’ Agenda

Scottish Police Refuse to Call Transgender Butcher Who Kidnapped 11-Year-Old Girl a Man

Elon Musk: “Most Are Oblivious” to the Danger of World War 3

Peter Schiff: Risk On; Economic Understanding Off

Yes, the US Government Has Defaulted Before

African Migrants Arrested After Disabled Man Brutally Robbed by Dozen Assailants in Paris

Biden Builds A Wall Around the Capitol Ahead of SOTU

Zelensky’s War is Over as Biden’s War Begins

No Whites Allowed: Fifth-Grade School Club for ‘People of Color’ Discriminates Against White Students

LIVE NOW: Biden’s State of the Union – Followed by Critical Analysis, Response

Video: Bill Gates Says It’s OK For Him To Use Private Jets Because He’s “The Solution” To Climate Change

Report: Church Of England May Drop Male Pronouns ‘He/Him’ And ‘Our Father’ To Describe GOD

Associated Press and U.S. Military Intelligence Join Forces To Discredit Viral #DiedSuddenly Trend

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